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Special Feature:

Madi Serpico Whalen


My name is Madi Serpico Whalen but most people know me as “Madifastpants” and I am a local girl from Calgary, Ab currently living in Austin, TX.


I have been a Pro Triathlete for the past 10 years and plant based for 7 years now. I also now getting into more modelling which has been a fun new experience that I am loving.


We have 3 rescue pups. Jai and Kona our twin girls and our newest baby boy Kai who we just adopted 3 months ago. We are also expecting our first baby girl in December and we are overjoyed to be bringing another plant based baby into the world.


My amazing husband Griff Whalen just retired form the NFL and now does real-estate investments in Austin. We love it so far. 

Who knows where we will end up in the next few years, we have been travelling and living all over the world since we met 4 years ago. Its been a dream ever since. 

Vegan Sushi Bowl

-Madi Serpico Whalen


I love to cook so I’m super excited to share one of our family’s favourite plant based recipes that we make at least once a week.  You will love so enjoy!

Vegan Sushi Bowl

(Serves 2-4 people)



  • 3 Cups Sushi Rice

  • 3 Sweet Potatoes

  • 1 bunch Green Onions

  • 2 Mangos

  • ½ Cucumber sliced

  • 2 Avocados

  • Soy Sauce

  • Sriracha Mayo (vegan mayonnaise mixed with hot sauce)


Sesame seeds

Fried tofu

Sauté shitake mushrooms in a vegan sweet garlic sauce


  1. Prep the sweet potatoes into cubes and boil. 

  2. Cook your rice according to the package. 

  3. Cube or slice all other suitable vegetables for the bowl. 

  4. Mix your sriracha mayo. 

  5. Layer all ingredients into a bowl and drizzle with sauce. 

  6. Enjoy! 

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