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Start Eating More Plants

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We get it, it can be intimidating to jump into a new diet. Changing routines, feeding the family and getting the right tools for the job are all things we have considered when building this program. We're here to help, and show you how easy, fun and delicious going plant-based can be, even for just 1 meal a day! 
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When you become a member you will receive weekly recipe inspiration, shopping lists, tips, tricks and many more tools that will help you start eating more plants.
We're here
to help you start 
at least one 
plant-based meal into your
diet daily.
"All of our recipes have been created to be made with ingredients you already have, or can find easily at your local grocery store." 

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Our Meal Plans

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As a Sunday Meal Plan Member, you will receive weekly emails that are filled with delicious recipes for the week! We provide you with sweets, breakfast, lunch and dinners to feed the whole family. 


We also include shopping lists, product swap information and all things inspirational about becoming more plant-based. 

As a Sunday Meal Plan Member, you gain access to our Members Only page.
A great resource when looking for more.
This area includes video tutorials, featured chefs, exclusive recipes and more.
 The Six Week MEAL PLAN 
a downloadable pdf


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Not ready to take the plunge into a weekly subscription?

Well, now you can dip your toe in with our Six Week Meal Plan!


A downloadable PDF filled with the best of the best. We provide you with over 30 recipes, sure to bring some spice to your plant based journey! 

As a Six Week Meal Plan member, you gain access to our downloadable
recipe book filled with over 30 recipes sure to impress!

What People are Saying

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Angela Martel

“The 30 Day Plant-based meal a day has made meal prep'n and meal ideas so much easier for us, thank you ladies. 💕 Our lives have been introduced to quick, tasty, filling, nutritious, easy to follow recipes where we cook once and eat for a few meals!! We both feel more energized, fuller longer, less bloat and an overall feeling of Good!!” 🙌

What are you waiting for?

Start Eating MOre PLants.

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