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About us

The Plant Based Meal a Day Program was created by Richelle Love and Rose Serpico.


Rose and Richelle's passion for all things health and wellness led them to eat a plant-based diet, alongside promoting veganism into the triathlon community.


They co-own Tri It Multisport and RnR Premier Events, hosting events to showcase the possibilities of plant based eating and wellness to their fitness family.


“We really wanted people to start looking at how they were cooking their classic family dishes. There are so many ways to make meals plant-based

without compromising taste, time or tradition.”


Rose Serpico

Rose works to showcase plant based eating to her friends and family through creating and sharing unique and delicious recipes. 

She is a yoga teacher, and practices yoga 5 - 6 times a week along with incorporating swimming, cycling and running. She loves trail running and her ultimate goal is to run the Marathon des Sables. She teaches yoga several times a week and wants to spread as much peace and love throughout her community as she can.


Richelle Love

Richelle is an all around fitness enthusiast. She has done it all from Ironman to competing in Crossfit, obstacle course racing, mountain biking and more. She loves to coach cycling classes and aims to help others through food and fitness in any way she can. She credits her performance and recovery from these strenuous activities to her plant-based eating. Richelle loves food and has never met a vegan donut she doesn't like. 

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