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Halloween, during a global pandemic.

Halloween is an exciting time for all of our little ones. There are costumes to organize, candy to buy, and planning out how to celebrate Halloween in a way we are each comfortable with amidst this global pandemic. We have been brainstorming some ideas to share with you to keep trick-or-treating safe and fun. 

  1. Do a “room crawl”. Ask your kids to decorate their rooms and pick out a special Halloween treat they would like to hand out. Have everyone in your household trick or treat at each other’s doors throughout the night.

  2. Set up a spooky Halloween piñata in your backyard or basement and let the kids go to town! Whatever you have put inside is what they get as their Halloween candy.

  3. Create a Halloween themed/candy gift basket for each of your kids and watch a Halloween movie together for the night.

  4. If you have an extended bubble, you could drive by trick-or-treat at each bubble's house.

  5. If your community seems to be doing a somewhat familiar trick or treating and you want to stay safe, we recommend leaving a bucket of candy at the end of your driveway. We know what you’re thinking, but trust the amazing children in your neighbourhood.

Above all, we hope you have a safe and fun Halloween doing what you are comfortable doing. 

All the best,


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